Going in style, not in debt.

Going In Style is a great business opportunity for those of us who wish to augment our retirement income with an extra thousand or two each month working part time from our homes. Or, one can earn a pretty good living if you wish to pursue it more aggressively. There is no inventory to maintain, no franchise fees, and no recruiting others into the business and; you help yourself by helping others.

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The Problem

Funeral costs have been rising at a pace far higher than inflation, while many of us have not experienced a like increase in income. Per industry experts, the average costs (nationwide) for funeral related goods and services are…

The Solution

We’ve all heard the quote “The only things certain in life are Death and Taxes.” – right? Funerals are a lot like taxes… the information is available to all, but only a select few will actually study it enough to fill in the forms and know how…


The Going In Style rep was like being able to buy $5000 worth of burial insurance after my aunt’s death!

William K., Dothan, AL

Mother always said she’d prefer a celebration to a somber ceremony and so it was! The aloha shirts and luau theme were so her, I know she is still smiling down on our efforts and thank you Going In Style for making it happen.

C.J., Huntington Beach, CA

Simply amazed our GIS consultant could help us get the funeral we wanted (for our father) at a price we could afford and make it all so personal, and he charged less than the funeral home wanted just for the flowers on the casket.

R. W. M., Hattisburg, MS

I wouldn’t be caught dead without first seeking out a GIS consultant!

B. T. Hospital Chaplain, Denton, TX