The Market

Each year in the USA about 2,500,000 people die, affecting 30,000,000+ families along with countless friends, neighbors, and co-workers. Given that our population is aging, these numbers will only go up over coming years. Few who find themselves in position to arrange a funeral have done it before and have little idea what it entails or what it will cost. They need someone who can explain (without trying to bias their opinion) each option and put pricing information in one place.

There is a funeral home for about every 100 annual deaths; 25,000 or so. There are countless cemeteries of all types, hundreds of crematories and monument companies and tens of thousands of florists and caterers. Every one of these businesses has their own price and fee structure and families will greatly appreciate and patronize anyone who understands it all and can interface on their behalf when the time comes.

This is similar to how wedding planners work, when you come to think of it. After a wedding, a funeral often can be the most expensive event one will have to plan and pay for in a lifetime. It doesn’t have to be this way and, in the current economy in particular, people need to make practical decisions.