The Startup Kit

Our start-up kit provides everything you’ll need to research your market, put data into an understandable format, negotiate on behalf of your clients, market your services to the public and develop additional lines of income. We will also provide continuing support and share sources, resources and information that comes our way on an ongoing basis, as well as answer any questions you may have. (And you will have questions!)


Your package will contain the following

(1) “What We Do” synopsis can be reproduced for your use *

(1) Start-Up Manual *

(1) Affordable Funeral Consulting Tote Bag

(1) Consultant Certification Certificate

(1) Funeral Home Data Sheet – Pad

(1) Cemetery Data Sheet – Pad *

(5) Crematory Data Sheet *

(3) After-Action Reports *

(1) The Affordable Funeral: Going in Style, Not in Debt  (4th ed.)

(1) Going In Style CD-ROM (a program for preplanning or selling to clients)

  • Includes a Color Casket Catalog

(2) Consultant Lapel Pins

(2) Pocket Note Pad

(3) Affordable Funeral Consulting Pens

(4) 3-Ring Binders (Cemetery and Monuments, Funeral Homes, Marketing and Resources)

(5) Going In Style Folders (Find your Consumer Consultant Certificate in the 2nd folder.)


Marketing Materials:

(50) Tri-fold Brochure (Tilly)

(50) Tri-fold Brochure (When You…)

(50) Tri-fold Brochure (Going In Style)

(25) Speaker Postcards

(20) Take One Posters

(1) Consultant Marketing Action Forms – Pad *

(5) Affordable Funeral Consulting Business Cards


Consumer Consultant DVD:

  • Consultant Forms (customize and print as needed; program also saves prior planning records and files) *
  • Digital copy of Start-Up Manual
  • The Funeral Planner for Consultants (Crypt Keeper Software Program)
  • Ad Slicks (customize as desired)
  • Leave behinds (customize as desired)
  • Logos for business cards
  • Other relevant and useful files
  • Radio ads (30 seconds to 60 seconds with space left at end for their contact info)

*These forms are located on the Consumer Consultant DVD in the ‘Forms’ Folder.

Feel free to customize and replicate them as you wish.



You will receive a supply of printed forms for gathering your data on funeral homes, crematories, cemeteries, florists, etc., as well as the digital files for these forms which you can customize and reproduce as you see fit. There are also forms for tracking your marketing efforts (covered in the start up manual), a couple of EXCEL spread sheets you can drop your data (price lists) into for a ready comparison and all the forms needed for the actual consult (two-part carbonless), along with their digital files.


The Start Up Manual

The Start Up Manual walks you through each step, from getting a business license to choosing a DBA (Doing Business As) name for your business, to acquiring a State Sales Tax number and so on. For those who have owned businesses before, I apologize if it’s a bit simplified, but the manual is written for consultants who have never owned a business. Follow the guidelines on researching your market, understanding the options available at each step, and marketing your services and you will be comfortable with your abilities by the time your first case calls.


The Affordable Funeral

The book The Affordable Funeral will acquaint you with the funeral industry and cover ways to save money on virtually every good and service required or desired for a funeral or memorial service. It is included in both hard copy and searchable PDF and Word digital files.


Going In Style Family Funeral Planner Software

Going In Style Family Funeral Planner software is great for advanced planning or at-need. Simply fill out the forms, answer the questions, then print out the results for future use. Each client can password-protect his/her information for added privacy. Files can be updated at any time.


Software Program

You will also get another software program for doing ‘at-need’ funeral consulting either at the family’s home or in your office. Again, once it is filled in you merely print it out for the family to take with them on the arrangement visit. As a rule you will NOT be going to the funeral home with them, though some offer this at an additional charge. Standard consulting fee is up to you. Nationally we start around $500 and typically guarantee we can show the family how to save at least triple our fee or our service is free. I can think of half a dozen ways to save $1000 just on a casket from across the country so the guarantee will not likely be a challenge.


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