The Problem

Funeral Costs have been going up at a pace far higher than inflation, while many of us have not experienced a like increase in income.  Per industry experts the average costs (nationwide) for funeral related goods and services are as follows:

  • Burial Plot: $3500
  • Opening & Closing Fees (digging/filling the grave): $1500
  • Perpetual Maintenance, monument permit, stone monument: $2500
  • Funeral Home Fees, Goods and services, out of pocket expenses, flowers, etc.: $6,800
  • The average ‘burial policy’ sold today: $5000

A large part of these costs is due to ‘emotional overspending’, according to the funeral industry. We agree, but a primary cause of it is the lack of knowledge on behalf of the family; few know what is required, what is available, or what it should cost. Few even realize each funeral establishment has different prices for goods and services! Couple this with the fact that Americans are largely in denial of death, they fail to discuss what they expect/want in the way of services when they die and many families fail to ask. When the time comes, there is often no one to turn to for information, other than those wanting to sell them goods and services.

This is where the concierge consultant can help.