The Solution

We’ve all heard the quote “The only things certain in life are Death and Taxes.” – right? Funerals are a lot like taxes… the information is available to all, but only a select few will actually study it enough to fill in the forms and know how to take advantage of available options to reduce their costs. Hence, H & R Block, Liberty Taxes, Jackson-Hewitt etc…  These are not CPAs, mind you, but just folks with reasonable intelligence who have devoted three weeks or so worth of evenings learning the basics of tax filing.

Going In Style Consultants do something similar with funeral information.  Information is one of the most valuable products in today’s world, and with the information we will help you gather, collate and understand, you can help families save thousands of dollars, get more for their money and make better informed choices at every step of the process.  Having done this for 20 years plus I can honestly say; you’ll not just make money, you’ll make friends.